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This is the beginning of the process, in which we help you begin to plan & implement your own path forward.

Assess Needs:

It all starts with a free 15-minute call to start the assessment. As we learn more about you, we specifically assess your Broadband Connectivity, Telecommunications Infrastructure & Existing Talents and Skillsets. We then prepare a report detailing current strengths and weaknesses, as well as map out a plan and process based on your individual needs and wants.

Secure Funding:

Based on your needs and vision, we work with you to secure funding for projects. This includes private funding, access to capital, government grants, and assistance with grant writing for telecom specifically. Currently, the FCC alone has earmarked $7.2 billion for rural telecom development grants … and this is only one grant source.

Develop Technology:

With plans and funding in place, we work with you to connect and distribute your solutions. Technology includes fiber connections, satellite service, cell towers, microwave technology, and other infrastructure matched to the needs of your communities.

Schedule A Free Assessment

Find out how we can potentially save you thousands of dollars per month with our telecommunication and broadband solutions.