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Office 365 & Mirgrations

Office 365 & Migrations

Boost office productivity and reign in IT costs.

Native Network offers Office 365, an affordable, advanced cloud-based platform, that allows your team to efficiently collaborate, communicate, and deliver business goals — from any location or device.

Aside from the benefits of cloud-based access, subscribing to an Office 365 plan is much more cost-effective than licensing conventional software. And with our hosted email solution, Exchange Online, your employees will experience all the functionality of a top-tier Exchange Server. The only difference is that Exchange Online eliminates the need for any new hardware or software in your office.

Exchange Online by Native Network guarantees a substantial reduction in internal email management and capital expenses. It's reliable, safe, and allows you to retain complete control of your communication infrastructure.


  • Robust applications - Take advantage of the latest online versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and other Office apps
  • Improved mobility - Allow your team to work from anywhere they want using any Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device
  • Better reliability and stability - Boost data redundancy and disaster recovery capacities
  • Bigger storage space - At least 1TB of OneDrive storage allowance for every user and unlimited storage for Office 365 Exchange users
  • Premium communication tools - Work with clients via advanced file-sharing, instant messaging, and web conferencing tools
  • Enterprise-class security - Microsoft will keep your documents safe in their ultra-secure, offsite data centers
  • Scalability - Effortlessly remove or add users as needed


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