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Vendor Selection Assistance

Vendor Selection Assistance

Native Network’s "vendor neutral" policy helps us find you the best rates. Our team completes administration of client service contracts through contract negotiation. We take the following into account: Agility, Convenience, Cost, Delivery, Quality, Risk, Safety, Service & Social Responsibility.

Our deep knowledge in Telecom and Regulatory requirements allows us to intelligently perform due diligence that is most suited for your business. We streamline the process and provide:

  • Negotiations on your behalf
  • Contract negotiation
  • Competitive analysis to compare quotes
  • Attain quotes from multiple carriers
  • Assess and review current contracts and Service Level Agreements [SLA’s]
  • Equipment Purchasing and recommended manufacturers
  • Eliminate contracts that offer no flexibility
  • Billing resolution to identify immediate cost savings
  • Provide applicable funds recovery


Contact us today to start saving money with our world-class telecommunication, internet, mobile wireless & office productivity software solutions.