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With the infrastructure in place, as well as the systems and support to make it function and grow, you’re ready to expand your capabilities.

Explore Opportunities:

Your telecom capabilities allow you offer a wide variety of services to your communities, as well as to a global market: Service provider for telephone and internet, Security services, Datacenter/cloud hosting, Call centers, Emergency communications systems (ECN) and more!

Join TribeXchange:

This is a virtual marketplace supporting trade of Native American goods and services among tribes, as well as to global markets. Our commerce portal offers a storefront that lets members advertise their offerings to other tribes.

Develop and Diversify:

With a modern infrastructure and a full set of telecom service offerings, you reduce expenses by cutting your reliance on other service providers (such as cable companies and telephone companies). This opens doors to new revenue streams and job creation, and immediately diversifies your economy; in addition, the infrastructure and available services instantly make your communities more attractive to businesses and developers.

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