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The needs exist. Reservations are chronically underserved by telecom services such as mobile phone service, internet service, broadband connectivity and more.

But: the solutions exist, as well. With a variety of federal grants and programs for economic development, a robust variety of resources, and a partnership with Native Network, you can impact your communities in three important ways.


you can expand connectivity, installing equipment and infrastructure (such as cell phone towers, microwave technology, and fiber optics) that keep your people connected to each other—and to the world.


you can cut costs. Consider all of the businesses, organizations and members affiliated with your communities. Consider what is spent on phone contracts, broadband, equipment and other telecom services right now. Likely, it’s thousands of dollars per month. By creating your own infrastructure, you eliminate those costs.

Third (and most exciting):

you can resell the technology and services you create to all of your people…and to other businesses and consumers…and even to a global marketplace. Even better, ALL businesses and entities you serve gain access to the same global markets.

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