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Native Network will be implementing a network project to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the Lummi Nation Reservation. The project provides critical bandwidth increases to anchor institutions along with critical residential connections and a strong mobility component for essential workers including Educators, First Responders, Police, Fire, Public Works, Tribal Government and others.

Currently, the network is designed as a hybrid network combining components from a national carrier by using, if available their Cell on Wheels (COW) facilities which are designed specifically to rapidly deploy to provide disaster relief. A fixed wireless system is also utilized to provide high-speed broadband to members in un-served and under-served areas of the reservation. Using multiple radio technologies, the network provides coverage to virtually all of the reservation. Cellular data/unlicensed fixed wireless and T.V. whitespace technology combine to provide this coverage. Due to the rapid nature of planning and deployment, network design and other elements may change during the process.

The network is designed to be able to build a foundation for the Lummi Nation Internet Service Provider (ISP) systems of the future. The cellular company’s COW will be removed at a negotiated interval however work should begin early in the process to replace the temporary cellular site with transition to a permanent one.

The community benefits from the access to the broadband network in multiple ways;

  1. Enables online learning
  2. Strengthens tele-medicine
  3. Mobile Connections for 1st Responders, Public Works and other essential
  4. Government services
  5. Economic Development




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